Portfolio Category: Whisky Boxes

Our luxury wooden whisky boxes regularly push the design and quality levels of wooden box manufacturing to new heights. Wood and whisky are intrinsically linked, much of the flavour in the whisky coming from the ageing process in wooden barrels. Very often these barrels are made from oak, and so it is no surprise that this is our most popular timber for wooden whisky boxes. Ash and walnut are both popular timbers to make wooden whisky boxes from also. Ash due to its versatility in finishing, with its deep grain allowing stains and paints to colour it while the integrity and beauty of the wood still shines through. And walnut due to its lovely feel and beautiful rich natural chocolaty tones. Over the years ultra premium whisky has gone from strength to strength, and our quality level and skills in manufacture and design has risen to the challenge with it. In recent years we have made luxury wooden whisky boxes for man of the most premium distilled whiskies.