We take our environmental and social impact seriously here at Moran’s. We strive to adhere to a core set of values which include:

  • To be fair, consistent, honest and open in all our business dealings
  • To be a reliable and trustworthy supplier and customer
  • To take care of our employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment
  • To produce high-quality products, provide excellent service and seek innovative manufacturing methods and designs.

At the heart of this is our love for wood!

Our Wood

Wood is a fantastic and renewable resource, and a healthy timber industry is positive force in the management of carbon levels in the atmosphere. As younger trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide at a faster rate than older trees. A well-managed forest will always replace felled trees with at least as many young trees. The harvested trees lock the carbon in the wood for the remainder of its physical life. In essence….our boxes can save the world! All of our wood is responsibly sourced we are both PEFC and FSC ® (C112817) certified. On top of this, all of our timber suppliers adhere to EU Timber Regulations, meaning that great care is given to ensure no illegally logged timber enters our supply chain.

We only use suppliers that have robust sustainable and responsible purchasing procedures and policies in place. We subscribe to the core principles underlying forest certification schemes including long-term forest management and re-forestation programs, economic efficiency, environmental protection and workers’ rights. Our PEFC and FSC ® (C112817) accreditation reflects our ethical sourcing practices and requires that we meet rigorous social and environmental standards.

Our Waste & Energy

We are committed to reducing our waste, recycling as much as possible where it cannot be reduced any further, and disposing of it safely where it cannot be recycled. Our wood waste is all safely managed through an extremely powerful extraction system, meaning that, along with the cleaning regime of our staff, we keep one of the cleanest woodworking factories you are likely to see. The waste is then used to generate heat to keep us warm in the winter, and recycled for animal bedding in the summer. As well as keeping us warm and recycling our waste this is a very energy efficient use of resources, reducing our overall environmental impact. We have invested heavily over the years in energy efficient machines and processes; most recently a new vacuum system for our CNC’s which has reduced the energy use in that area by over 10%. We continue to look for new techniques of machining, and new technology to improve our energy efficiency.

Our People

The staff at Moran’s are the most important part of our business. So much of our reputation has been built on their skills and enthusiasm for the job. As such we want to keep them and keep them happy. Many of our staff have been with us for over 10 years, and some for over 20 years, so we can’t be doing too badly! We strive to pay all of our staff a fair and decent living wage, and have always operated a generous bonus system, meaning a share for everyone in the company’s profits. On top of that we try to involve everybody in important decisions regarding the future of the business, and staff meetings involving all 50+ of us are not uncommon.

All staff have regular breaks, access to free refreshments and a place to relax on breaks, full holiday entitlements, and we are an equal opportunities employer! We discriminate against no-one and create a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment for all our staff. Keeping them happy is one thing. Keeping them safe is another. We don’t shirk the responsibility we have to our staff to ensure a safe and healthy environment to work. We know the dangers involved in working with some of our equipment and materials, and everybody is well trained, with great focus on safe working procedures. We constantly review and adapt to improve machines and techniques, and have a very good record with very few incidents…..touch wood! We have an annual externally monitored health and safety audit, and have a good clean bill of health.

Our Community

We have strong ties in the North West of England and our proud to continue a strong tradition of manufacturing in this area. We are pleased to be in a position to help keep wood manufacturing skills and knowledge alive in the UK and provide opportunities for local people to find employment and learn a strong skillset. We seek to employ and train people within our local community and use regional and national suppliers wherever possible to bolster the local economy, improve local skill levels, reduce carbon footprint, and support the UK manufacturing industry more broadly. We offer training schemes and apprenticeships to young people looking for an alternative to academia and service based jobs, and welcome more experienced people bringing fresh new ideas and skills to join us. We strive to make sure we work with suppliers and customers alike who share in our values.