Portfolio Category: Product Presentation

One of our growth areas in the wood working sector has been product presentation and product packaging and as specialists in these fields we have made some truly stunning pieces over the years. Luxury items command luxury packaging and presentation, so that the product contained within is enhanced not damaged physically (as it has to be a practical box) or visually. Whilst maintaining quality in both design, construction and finish we have honed our skill set and processes so that we can offer this bespoke service at extremely competitive prices. In the past we have created unique wood boxes with a range of mixed media not only wood, to create the ultimate promotional wood products. Incorporating, lights, cameras, perspex, horse shoes, you name it we can probably incorporate it (if we haven’t already). If you have a product that warrants that extra special touch or unique packaging style that can only be achieved with wood then contact us today our team is on site to co-design, produce and manufacture your ideas.