Wooden condiment holders for Flaming Grill

When Flaming Grill one of our long standing customers approached us with a requirement for a some great looking, practical wooden condiment holders we relished the opportunity to put our designers to work. A series of condiment holder designs were produced and the best were made into working samples for trial in the Flaming Grill Chain. Keeping to a design brief we produced some light weight, sturdy condiment holders, painted and branded to their requirements.

The versatility of wood as a manufacturing material and the range of woods available allows for manufacturing to a budget. We can design and build a condiment holder that meets requirements of your restaurant, pub or bar and to a specific price point. Something that is visually attractive and enhances the dining experience, but at the same time is practical and hard wearing. With woods long tradition as a food service material and with modern production facilities such as ours your guaranteed a quality product that fits with your theme.

Reference No:H-CON703