Wooden a-boards pavement chalkboards

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We have been producing a-boards pavement chalkboards to various designs and specifications for 38+ years. Made from highly durable hardwoods and treated for outside use our a-boards have withstood the testament of time. The a boards we produce have gravitas, a weight from the density of the quality materials we use and the paint finishes applied have been applied by members of staff with years and years of experience in spraying wooden products for outside use. Buying a wooden pavement sign your purchasing quality materials, built with experience. Hardware and hinges used are also chosen because they are durable and made for the purpose of outside use.Wheels can be added to legs if required, to make transportation of the a-board even easier, after all having a pavement sign that doesn’t blow away is one thing, but you may want to bring it in when your premises are closed.

When it comes to bespoke a-boards pavement chalkboards there are many additional options to consider for e.g. chains instead of hook locks, incorporated carrying handles, the branding or fixed or removable (branding can be multi media e.g. cut perspex lettering applied to the head etc). Ultimately your buying with confidence, knowing we can make exactly the right a-board for your requirements and at a price point that is very affordable for you.