Black piano gloss hotel room tea box


At the very top end of luxury finishes, this black piano gloss hotel room tea box, is made for in this instance, private yachts. To produce a teabox of this quality and with such a premium high gloss finish takes a lot of sanding and Lacquering. Its taken years of experience to perfect this piano like high gloss finish, so its no wonder that Steinway have even commissioned us to produce boxes for them in the past. A dedicated team of experienced spray finishers and a bank of fully equipped spray booths allow for low and high capacity jobs of varying sizes through our manufacturing facility in Warrington, Cheshire.

Creating a series of bespoke compartments to hold the tea product within this a mitred box frame we then seamless construct a base and lid and build up on top of our black base paint to achieve the desired look. The hotel room tea box is finished with complimentary silver quadrant hinges for an additional premium feel.