Wall mounted wooden leaflet stands


These colourful wooden leaflet stands were made for West Midland’s police service. A full range of colours to fit in with their new office building, they’re made to a premium quality finish and are built to last. Built to hold and display A4 sized documents these particular stands can hold a document depth of 25mm. However we tailor all our products so if you have a specific size or depth of document you wish to hold and display then we can tailor a leaflet stand to suit.

These particular stands are wall mounted but we can also produce free standing rotating leaflet holders if desired. Wood as a construction material has an incredible long history. Its been used throughout time because it is a versatile natural resource that can be moulded and shaped to any and all purposes, there is not much that it can’t be made into, wooden leaflet stands not with standing ! With a range of finishes that can use the grain to its advantage or even mask any remnant of grain for a smooth flat surface, wood is a beautiful material to construct with !