Wall Mounted Wooden leaflet holder – Flintshire Tourism

Flintshire council’s tourist centre required a range of display products for posters, leaflets, brochures. This wooden wall mounted leaflet holder was part of a range of wooden products, we made for them. All made in solid oak with a lacquered finish to exacting standards, with the lettering rotary engraved and carved into the wood in both English and Welsh. Made from a substantial oak board these chunky and solid stands, frames and holders were built to last and carried a substantial weight and substance with them. We co-designed these products to their requirements and to the customer budget. With a vast array of woods to choose from specifications can alter according to budget and requirement.

We tailor our product so that they meet the needs of the customer, for example we consider the materials and finishes for outside use and weather proof finishes are chosen for all our A-boards. We consider the design, will a weathering channel be required, so that rainwater can be drained away easily ? Additional components like hinges for outside use . . . Fore-thought and experience has enabled us to design products that they withstand the test of time. Just like this leaflet holder.