Stylish wooden butler tray

Another quality butler tray, shown here in black ash finish. The copper finish handles on these trays really work well with darker colored timbers like the black ash and also walnut. The handles are available in other finishes also, so we can match up the right metallic finish to the complimentary wood, or to match your decor for example. As one of the images above shows we can manufacture a range of serving trays in a range of materials and colours.

Handles can be incorporated into the sides of the butler tray in metal, or additional wood handles or even a bespoke shaped hole can be formed into the side panels themselves. Materials and specifications can be tailored to meet the tightest of budgets. This particular design shows a full butt construction with a recessed base, but we can also produce trays with a traditional mitred corner and a biscuit joint in an alternative coloured wood to make this a feature of the trays look as shown in the other examples.

Reference No:H-BT552