Penfield fashion branding block

Another in our range of point of sale signs, this Penfield fashion branding block or shelf talker printed here on maple with variations in base materials. One version with blue and red screen printed text with a complimentary solid maple base and one version with a mahogany base with dark green and red text. Both applied with a clear lacquered finish to seal the wood and the printed text on them, they are a fantastic tool for re-enforcing brand awareness and drawing attention to your products in a retail environment.

At Moran’s we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce, with a client base as diverse as the products we manufacture there is one consistent, and that is quality. Without exception everything produced by our skilled woodworkers is handcrafted, built to last and as free from defects as possible. Wood enables a diverse range of finishes and we have built an extensive range of standard wood finishes for our customers to choose from. We are often asked if we can match a specific colour or produce a definitive finish for use in a range of bespoke products. With a dedicated spray shop and a bank of fully equipped spray booths this is no problem at all. Contact us today to see how we can assist in bringing customers towards your products with a bespoke fashion branding block.

Reference No:MW2416-A