Window display for high street fashion retailer


This wooden merchandiser for Paul Smith shoes, ideal as a window display or shelf talker, takes one of his iconic striped patterns and sets it reverse printed on acrylic and flush into a solid block of ash. The gloss finish of the acrylic and the matte finish of the black ash wood, work together wonderfully. An engraved logo to this wooden shoe stand come footwear riser, finishes it off perfectly. Because the block is so well made even the trained eye questions the boxes construction, is this one solid block of wood with acrylic inset into recesses ? or seamless construction over a frame ?

Recesses are so precise to the inserts into them that it almost looks like a frame. The block as simple as it appears to be, had a lot of fore thought before construction. Even ensuring that the grain of the block runs against the iconic striped lines and with the iconic logo / signature. When it comes to the finish we knew the importance of ensuring that it was deep enough to create that rich deep black needed but at the same time still retain those desired natural grain lines that run against the uniformity of that iconic stripe. Ultimately this block is our wooden homage to the designs of one of Britain’s most famous, innovative design power houses. Its also a fantastic window display and shelf talker.