Luxury wooden teabox in walnut


This wooden teabox has been made for the conference rooms of 5+ star hotels, luxury office buildings, and private yachts. The best quality american black walnut, finished all over with a high build piano gloss, perfection in wood. Built with a seamless construction so that when closed the box looks like just 2 pieces of wood. Its finish is built with many hours of spraying, sanding and polishing to bring up the shine.

Its all worth it in the end when you behold the final piece. Lined with a premium lining in black colour and constructed with solid quadrant hinges the box is compartmentalized to the customers requirements with veneered walnut dividers. Our production staff are all highly skilled craftsman and specialist wood machinists, people who genuinely take an immense pride in their work and enjoy the diversity that our customers bring with their projects not just this wooden teabox. There is always such a great range of products in our factory that the working days is always interesting.