Food display tray

Food display and presentation products have become one of our specialisms over the years having produced a large amount of products due to an ever increasing popularity in pubs and restaurants. With our close associations with national and international restaurant franchises we have developed some unique practical and pleasing wooden products for this industry. Natural, practical and hard wearing wood is the perfect medium for food display, serving and presentation.

With food safe finishes applied to the wood this gives us a greater breadth of choice in styles and colours. Our long and varied expertise in wood product production over the 38+ years our family run business has operated gives us an advantage in design, cost reductions and quality control. Our company thrives on repeat business and we ensure an extremely high standard of quality control is always adhered on all products leaving our manufacturing plant in Warrington, Cheshire. For a quotation on any wood food display and food serving products you require contact us today for a competitive quote.