St Stefanus Premium Wooden branding block

Click Here point of sale signage branding block with chalkboard Click Here point of sale sign branding block with chalkboard screenprinted  

A bespoke chalkboard made as part of the St Stefanus range promotion range. Working to the clients visuals we created this chalkboard utilizing a mix of materials and finishes. This freestanding substantial and chunky chalkboard was placed on restaurant and pub bars as a point of sale advertising board. Versatile for displaying any required sales message on the wipe-able chalkboard but reinforcing the brand and the brands message by matching the other point of sale materials visual scheme. The top of the branding block used the distinctive aging key devised to promote the ages of the beer being sold.

The wood was stained and aged to produce the required antique mode, that the company wanted to present in the branding block. Despite being recently manufactured in our factory, by staining and then sanding and re-applying layers the craftsmen and craftswomen in our manufacturing facility are able to recreate the antique, rustic look. Re-enforcing the brands desired message of maturity and deep flavor by considering these concepts in our choice of stains and how we aged the range or point of sale items.