Branded wood stationary box for conference rooms


This simple wood stationary box is ideal for a conference room or meeting room. With a lift out compartment tray for pens and pencils, and space underneath for pads and paper it exudes professionalism and exclusivity. Especially when engraved on top with your hotel or business logo. Your wooden stationary box project can be produced to match existing decor and a range of finishes are available not just the black ash finish shown above. You can increase size, trays etc, add draws, add premium lining . . . design everything from the ground up, or simply specify the contents of the wood stationary box and we can do the rest.

From a prospective customers point of view, when they see you have taken care of the finer details, such as having the appropriate stationary available, well organised and re-enforced with your brand. They associate those qualities with your company, well organised, acutely aware of the finer details and presentable and practical. Qualities any business or hotel would want to exude.