Branded POS for Gola Sportswear

Branded POS doesn’t have to be garish or large to stand out from the crowd. A thoughtful, simple and well executed branding block can do more to market your brand and product in a world full of in your face advertising. These elegant simple, black and creme branded wooden blocks produced for Gola are a fantastic example of how to make the right branding statement. Following on from the blocks made for them in 2013 we created a simple recess to site a quality piece of leather which in turn is then gold foiled with Gola’s distinctive branding.

Unlike the 2013 blocks made for them, these Branded POS blocks have the leather wrapped around the outside in a tailored recess and unlike these previous blocks, opt for a portrait rather than landscape design. Utilizing space, less is more in the case of these branding blocks. Applied with a matt painted finish the blocks have their edges softened and the nice thick 30mm MDF block gives them substance and is also a superb medium for creating a smooth finish. Gold pins are used as a finishing touch to compliment the gold foiled logos to create a subtle and tasteful statement about Gola Products.