Campers brand display

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The project brief was simple a brand display, taking Campers logo and reproducing it in 3-D. Doing it in Moran’s definable way of taking quality materials and applying sound construction and immaculate finishing. Why should a wooden brand display be complicated? Using our quality spray finishing to get a beautifully smooth satin lacquered block, and with laser cut acrylic lettering, this is a simple but premium point of sale logo sign. A sign fit alongside Campers shoes in shops around the country and beyond, created to simply attract the eye of a passing customer with a quality execution of construction and finishes and precision cut lettering. Making a simple yet effective statement about the items surrounding it.

Dedicate yourself to what you do, perfect your craft and let the work speak for itself. Its this dedication and ethos that has supplied Moran’s with 38+ years of business in wood working and generated an extensive customer base that has constantly returned for competitive affordable quality work.