Bespoke wooden serving platters

Served hot on bespoke wooden serving platters, cookie dough desert from Pizza Hut is a gooey taste sensation!  Baked cookie dough sits in a hot hot dish….so it needed a wooden serving board for both presentation and function. Deliciously hot along with an cool ice cream accompaniment it was the perfect marriage or foods presented on a beautiful, practical tray and rustic dish. Shown here are several stages of the development, as we co-developed and presented different ideas and options for them. The guys at Pizza Hut finally settling on a nice simple rubberwood board, lacquered for a long lasting protective finish.

With 38+ years experience in manufacturing wood our family run business caters specifically to the restaurant, pubs and bars industry. Large International Franchises trust us to supply products for their requirements and with capacity for large order runs we have benefited form repeat business from some of the major International and National Restaurant Chains. With a dedicated eye on quality control and our customers budgetary requirements we have constantly meet specification and price especially on our wooden serving platters. Always at our heart, is superior level of quality and design specifications to meet customer needs so that we can maintain the repeat business that we enjoy today.