Bespoke wooden presentation tray


This wooden presentation tray was created for use as sales and design equipment for a timber window manufacturer. Given to architects and specifiers to help choose from the range of styles and finishes available at this company. Created using traditional woodworking methods and branded with the companies logo, it was then aged in our spray shop to give it its unique antique look. Holding the superb selection of various finishes available the display tray with its aged finish, gave a sense of gravitas and maturity to the company.

At the same time making the contained finishes look bright, clean and new. Created using half butt joints, and also a raised recess in its base the whole tray was created to be sturdy and last a long time. A bullnose edge to the center panel, the outside edges and the inner hole makes for a comfortable lift and its proportionally well balanced for the items it contains. Placed in a bag or sliding round in a boot of a car this presentation tray will stand the test of time, there is no doubt.