Bespoke Wooden Poster Frame

Flintshire council’s tourist centre required a wooden poster frame for their reception area. These solid oak poster holders were part of a wooden products suite we made for them. All products produced were made to a very high standard in solid oak with a lacquered finish. Rotary carved lettering was cut into the wood in both English and Welsh. All the products that we make are handcrafted and all members of staff are tasked with ensuring the highest quality control. Our staff take pride in the work they produce. At Moran’s we benefit from diverse projects and our working day is always full of new and interesting things to work on.

It is this wealth of experience in manufacturing and production on a diverse range of wooden products and our insistence on quality that has given us the extensive client base we enjoy today. If your inspired by this Poster frame (which could easily become a notice pin board or chalkboard frame if you require) then please contact us today to discuss a quotation for a bespoke wooden poster frame for you.