St Stefanus Bespoke Wooden Point of Sale Sign


This wooden point of sale sign for the St Stefanus project brought together all the aspects and finshes of the range in a totally bespoke and impressive wooden sign. Utilizing a mix of solid branding styles – deep carved rotary engraving, laser engraving, printing, this is a showcase of what can be done on branding blocks. Once again we re-iterate brand messages with the distinctive ageing key for the brand and product, re-enforcing the age mode by utilizing the antique finish distinctive to the brand.

Despite being fresh from our production line we are able to re-create a rustic and antique style wood effect, for a fraction of the price of a real antique. Using the now distinctive mix of aged hardwoods and the chalkboard surface we display the full gamut of branding available at Moran’s. Rotary engraved chalkboard with the complimentary brass effect paint in-fill. As well as laser engraved text into the pine wood base of the point of sale sign and using the aging stain so successfully used to punch out one of the brands slogans “Marque of the Brewmaster”.