Bespoke Wood Presentation Folder


This bespoke wood presentation folder shown above is manufactured to hold an A4 style brochure however this style of wooden box folder can be made in any size from small cheque or bill presenters to large A3 style wood boxes and larger. These style of bespoke wooden boxes are usually made in our cost effective MDF and veneered with a real wood finish. Allowing us to make them in various finishes from Ash to Walnut and everything in between. This versatility in the materials allows you greater choices in branding options, so we can produce branded wood products in a range of styles for you.

Able to print in full colour digitally you can really be impactive with your designs and also create a greater depth and dimension to the branding by laser engraving the product at various depths. Laser engraving allows us to create gradients in the wood and create more importantly traditional burnt branding effects. Laser engraving gives a multidimensional feel to your logo or brand and with a range of paint infills we can also colour this engraved dimensional effect. Making for a truly stunning, truly custom, wood presentation folder