Bespoke wood folder for hotels and restaurants


When it comes to a bespoke wood folder we have produced guest room folders for some of the most prestigious hotels from around the world, The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, the Glenn Eagles Hotel, Scotland and the Jumeirah Hotel, Azerbaijan to name but a small selection. The hotels that wish to exude quality, choose hotel room guest folders that purvey these qualities in their construction, materials and finish. By utilizing top quality materials and carefully ensuring that all products that leave our manufacturing facility are hand crafted and by insisting that our quality control is second to none we ensure that the finished product is perfectly suited to these requirements.

Our Guest room folders are all bespoke made in our factory in Warrington, Cheshire by craftsman that care and take pride in the work they produce. With the latest manufacturing machinery and with 38+ years of manufacturing experience we are commissioned by some of the most exclusive design houses within Europe when it comes to their need to produce a bespoke wood folder. A bank of Laser engraving machines ensures that bespoke branding is precise and turn around times are as fast as possible. Having a comprehensive range of branding equipment and skilled craftsmen also allows us a range of artistic customization’s, of the woods and materials. Contact us today to see how we can assist you !