Alan Paine Clothing Display Stand

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Alongside the simple wooden POS signs we make for Alan Paine, they also tasked us to design and manufacture a bespoke retail unit to display their clothes in premium retail outlets around the world. Using a natural ash finish for the main bespoke clothing display stand, the top was then finished in Alan Paine’s corporate green colour and printed with their logo on a distinct header panel. The bespoke clothing display stand was supplied with both waterfall hooks, and poles, so the client could choose how to display the clothes. This premium POS stand was accessible from all 4 sides and had castors on the bottom so it could be manoeuvred easily. Our many years’ experience in so many different markets has given us a knowledge of manufacturing and materials that is hard to be beaten. If you are looking for a premium and bespoke retail unit to display your products, talk to us today about how we can work together.