A5 and A4 Clip board for Restaurants

Approached by a small chain of restaurants we were asked to produce a nice dark wood a5 and a4 clip board to their budget, for use as menu boards within their restaurants. Opting for the plywood with a dark oak stain and a lacquer finish we produced 2 sizes for them in A4 and in A5 (Note this size clipboard is to fit a4 and a5 paper aprox. 230mm wide x 300mm height for A4 and 150mm wide x 240mm height for A5). Using varying sizes of clips we produced some samples for them to choose from, our Heavy Duty Clip and Wire Clip. When manufactured their members of staff would use these menu boards to take food and drinks orders and to present specials to customers. Fantastic additions to the their restaurant and in keeping to their budget.

We have a range of A4 Clip board options to choose from with choices in either basic plywood or our premium veneered bases, which also come in varying sizes. These base boards can also be further customized with wood stains and lacquers to produce a varied range of finishes, 31 to choose from ! Contact us today to see our competitive prices.

Reference No:H-CB301