At Moran’s we pride ourselves in the quality of the finishing to our products. Even as we mass manufacture, we strive for consistency of finish to ensure the beauty of the wood shines through. It’s no use having a box made from an expensive hardwood, only for it to be rough to the touch or be full of blemishes.

We have decades of experience in making and finishing such a wide variety of products, in just as wide a variety of finishes. We are always striving to find new materials and techniques to create more interesting and quality finishes. As well as out key product areas, we support business with finishing services on the projects, such as spraying of table tops, wall panels, and other shop fitting products, made by companies with their own woodworking facilities but no spraying. Often requiring specialist finishes to meet building regulations, we can assist and advise of the best route to take for your project. We can take on large scale projects from start to finish.

We have experience and knowledge in:

  • A/C lacquers, Polyurethane Lacquers, Polyester Lacquers.
  • Water based lacquers.
  • Internal and External finishes
  • High build piano gloss finishing
  • Fire rated lacquers such as Intumescent Class 0 finishing.
  • Anti-bacterial lacquers
  • Toy safe and Food safe finishes.
  • Colour matching to RAL / PANTONE / BS / and more
  • Specialist ageing finishes
  • Specialist Oils for external treatment, hardwearing floor treatments, and food safe oils.