Wooden promotional box car wax packaging

A Wooden promotional box produced to house a range of luxury wax polishing products for the automotive industry the client wanted luxury wooden packaging that would reflect the quality of the products contained within. A promotional packaging project, these boxes were used for marketing a new range to break into a new market, rather than in a retail environment.

The square shape, chunky feel, and smooth black matt finish of the wooden boxes gave them an industrial quality and was complimented by the colourful laser engraving which was then meticulously paint infilled. A matching lining was chosen to compliment the infilled paint logo on the front. Strong magnets were paired with matching round hinges so that these wooden boxes had a robust quality feel to them when opening. As a suite of products they look stunning and as individual units in their own right. This wooden promotional box is manufactured and hand crafted to a very high standard of quality control by skilled and gifted skilled woodworkers. All our staff take an immense pride in their work and it shines through.