Bespoke Walnut and Maple wooden jewellry packaging

Taking inspiration from the jewelry designer’s family heirloom, we worked on this beautifully unique wooden jewellry packaging.  An interlocking swiveling lid design machined in a mix of walnut and maple, it’s both classy and fun! By swiveling the first lid away from the second, this allows the second lid to also be pulled back from its fixed position.

When both lids are released they can then be swiveled to reveal the contents of the box. When closed the box with its striking use of dark and light woods makes a simple but visually interesting box and somewhat of a puzzle ! We have produced a varied range of wooden jewellry packaging in the many years we have been specializing in the field of bespoke luxury packaging. Our Factory in Warrington, Cheshire is equipped to take small and large runs of bespoke wooden products and a skilled and talented set of skilled woodworkers and wood machinists, spray technicians and designers are employed all with a dedication to the quality of products we produce.