Pret A Manger restaurant table signage


Pret A Manger make all of their food fresh on site daily and had a requirement for table signage. As their food is gobbled up through the day, the fridges start to look empty. These solid oak wooden signs, finished with two types of engraving and the best quality lacquers fill in the spaces and add a nice point of sale sign to the fridge shelves. This bespoke wooden signage is made to the highest standard. Pret’s emphasis is always on quality first and that’s the way we work too! Taking a simple full butt design and ensuring it is executed well we use a quality solid oak, ensuring it is defect free. We then rotary engrave the large text to create this lovely deep three dimensional text that cuts deep into the wood.

Taking it to our bank of 5 laser engraving machines we then apply precision laser engraved text underneath ensuring the lasers burn deep enough to reflect the rotary text above and darkens the wood to make the text legible. We then hand paint the lovely deep red colour into the rotary engraved text to make it stand out on this table signage. Once all this is applied the signage is then taken to our purpose built spray area were a bank of fully equipped booths are available and experienced spray finishers can apply multiple layers of clear high gloss lacquer to really punch out the freshly dried paint and the full colour and grain of the beautiful oak material.

Reference No:H-S108