Luxury wooden box for exclusive champagne packaging

In keeping with Angels Champagnes distinctive branding we manufactured this minimalist luxury wooden box to reflect the arches of the Angel winged logo, reflecting it within the boxes shoulder lid design. Lined with a premium lining to enhance the cushioning of the lift off lid and at the same time increasing the exclusivity of the packaging. A delicately laser engraved logo with silver paint infill is applied to the outside and seamless construction of the box under a layered paint process, further enhances the boxes premium quality. In all the finished product ensures that the product contained within, is secure, but presented visually and physically in such away as to give the owner a sense of quality and substance.

We have in our long history of bottle box packaging producing some stunning items in this time, this particular box is simplistic and understated and as a result shines as an example. By concentrating on the core elements of, sound design, quality construction and immaculate finishing you achieve the best luxury wooden box.