Custom wooden box wholesale for Beer

When it comes to a custom wooden box this project is a classic example of a promotional and marketing box, this dark ash wooden box was used to present 4 bottles of craft beer. Approached to design and produce wholesale wooden boxes for them with Laser engraving this sample was produced. A gold paint fill on the inside and the outside of the box into the laser engraved text and matching gold catches and solid brass hinges were used.  The bottles are held securely in foam lining, while at the same time there is space around them for display.

The box utilizes the texture of wood to its best advantage, there is a reason why wood and food and drink have had a symbiosis for years. Apart from being used historically through the ages it evokes associations: natural, familiar, pure. A practical material for transporting delicate objects and versatile enough to be constructed into many desired forms. Our expertise in wood manufacture and our experience in designing products that not only look superb but suit the task for which they were created make us the ideal choice for such a project. For wholesale wooden boxes uk supply and European supply contact us today for a perfectly suited custom wooden box.