Retail display blocks

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One of the benefits of working at Moran’s is the diversity of the work produced, because our products are all bespoke. We always have some new and interesting project to work on. Our production and design experience is varied and we can produce and design wood products to various price points dependent on requirements and budget. One of the more simpler yet visually interesting products we have worked on, is this series of retail display blocks or shelf talkers.

Simple cubes made from veneered mdf, these cubes were then laser engraved and paint infilled with prime colors to make them stand out ! Just recently we worked with one of the many design agencies who use our services to produce a larger cube. This was produced with an aged finish and branded to promote a leading fashion brand. Visually impacting these retail display blocks make very effective brand re-enforcement tools and can be produced in a range of sizes, styles and finishes. Check out our other portfolio items and be inspired !