St Stefanus bottle display stand

Click Here pos box for product promotion drinks display stand Click Here pos crate display point of sale equipment bespoke wooden drinks holder Click Here custom made crate in wooden aged finish for point of sale merchandising  

This display stand along with a range of promotional products created to promote this special Belgian beer made for the St Stefanus company. Used as wooden point of sale displays for the promotion of their beer products the crates were designed to deliver an on brand message of rich aged flavour. Able to construct to requirements we produced 2 different prototypes for this particular display stand to hold four and six bottles. A chalkboard material was used as a lid / side (dependent on the way the box was displayed) it had the versatility of being able to have a sales message written on it or removed when required. The internals of the box were compartmentalized for holding the individual bottles also making for safer storage of the bottle itself.

Once again in keeping with consistent brand reinforcement we incorporated the distinctive ageing key for delivering the brand message for the ageing process of the beers. This was also constructed in a chalkboard material to allow for easy revision of sales messages as and when required.