Flaming Grill Menu Board

Flaming Grill approached us to produce a practical menu board in keeping with the products we already manufacture for them in their distinctive black painted finish and white branding. Opting for a screw fixture and bar for holding punched holed papers in place (this design can also be used as a clipboard or have other fixings) this menuboard was designed with a lovely porthole design handle for easy carrying and storage (simply hung on a hook on the wall). The laser engraved logo was paint infilled to create their distinctive black and white branding. With a dedicated spray shop on site we are equipped to handle large order runs for many of the Worlds high profile restaurant and food chains.

With a family run business a dedication to products and service and to employing skilled woodworkers and craftsman whose primary driving force is quality and pride in their work. We have built a reputation for quality and service and enjoy a large percentage of repeat business. Design agencies and customers directly have used us for their menu board requirements. The versatility of wood allows for a multitude of configurations and this in turn means you can find just the right design that will enhance the aesthetic of your restaurant or bar and at the same time create a practical invaluable tool for your staff.