Bounce Energy Balls merchandise counter stand


Bounce energy balls are gluten free, nutritious, and tasty! This merchandise counter stand created in a lacquered ply with engraved branding. Kept to a brief of a simple and natural look to the retail display, fitting with the brand feel and complimenting well with the colourful boxes being held. Simple burnt effect branding on the grained plywood re-enforces the brand at point of sale, its minimalist design showing exposed edges creates associations of: natural, clean and relaxed. The products we supply need to be fit for purpose so the unit necessitated 2 reinforcements at the base so the the angle and weight of the holding panel was supported.

We have co designed thousands of products over the 38+ years we have been manufacturing wooden point of sale stands. It is this wealth of knowledge and our investment into the design of our products, the dedication we show in their manufacture, that has created the repeat customers we now enjoy today. If you have a need for a merchandise counter stand, a pre-designed stand that simply needs producing well and to a budget or a nucleus of an idea for a stand ? or even if its just the product itself, contact us today to see how we can benefit you.