Good Night Inns room key fob

This solid oak oval room key fob is made for our client Good Night Inns. A group of hotels who have retained charm and heritage and wanted a natural wood keyfob to fit in with the homely and traditional feel. Taking a solid oak board and creating the required shape the keyfobs are hand sanded to take off any burrs and hard edges. The keyfobs are then precision laser engraved with individual sequenced room numbers on one side and the companies distinctive branding on the other. Laser engraving we can burn the wood to varying depths and if needed paint infill any recesses. In this instance it was decided to use the natural burning effect on the wood with our lasers and along with the rest of the keyfob lacquer the wood to seal it and give it its nice hue.

When it comes to a bespoke wooden room key fob, you can choose any shape possible to cut with wood. Please bare in mind the practicality of your shapes and the thickness of your wood but the possibilities for shapes are endless. Fobs can also be cut through, as I said the laser engraving we perform can burn to varying depths. You might consider a 3 dimensional logo as a key fob or simply opt for an attractive design incorporating simple or ornate laser engraving. The versatility of wood and the skill sets of our carpenters is only limited by imagination. Contact us today to see what we can imagine for you !