Bespoke wooden compartmented tea tray


This tea tray was made for an exclusive 4 star Hotel and Spa, The Bedford Lodge Hotel was originally a Georgian hunting lodge built for the Sixth Duke of Bedford in the 18th century and was converted into a hotel in the 1940s. With this long heritage they asked us to produce a compartmentalized tea tray for their luxury hotel rooms and conferencing. In keeping with their decor we produced this traditional construction tray, elegant, simple but above all well constructed and finished.

Personalized with their unique choice of branding we produced a softwood and plywood option for them keeping costs down and giving them the versatility of choice. As a bespoke wood manufacturer we have the luxury of tailoring all our products and it certainly makes for a varied day. As every element of our production is over seen by our dedicated design staff who ensure that the individual products manufactured are fit for purpose and meet our high insistence in quality. This also allows us to tailor specifications to meet individual budgets at the same time meeting customer requirements.