Bespoke Wooden Chalkboard

We offer very competitive rates on your standard wooden chalkboard, made in a moisture resistant MDF. They are painted with a high quality chalkboard paint, and fitted into a stained pine wood base tobelorone. Branding can be screen printed, digitally printed or laser engraved and paint infilled, depending on the artwork and budget. These chalkboards or blackboards as they are sometimes refereed too, can be run at any shape desired for example square, round etc. The holding Toblerones can also made square or round and you can engrave or print designs around the chalkboard or on the base, in fact if you can imagine it then invariably we can produce that chalkboard for you.

With 38+ years experience in wood manufacture we have a wealth of knowledge that you can use to produce your bespoke wooden chalkboard. If you do not have the inclination or the time to design from scratch a chalkboard for your needs, simply choose from our standard range of designs or after an initial brief we can generate a design for you. It might be that a small alteration to one of our standard designs, might just be the bespoke element you need, so contact us to discuss your requirements.