Portfolio Category: All Vintage Style Boxes

We are undoubtedly perfectionists, we strive for the best and it shows in our work, wherever possible we use perfect wood sourcing only quality materials. Some of our customers want to really emphasize the long heritage of wood, its value as a manufacturing product and the traditions and processes that have been created in the centuries of its use. By utilizing our knowledge of these historic manufacturing processes and using more standardized production woods we replicate the vintage mode. Rustic style products use material imperfections to their advantage, perfect wooden materials are costly, as is the preparation and production of those materials. Standard woods made to look aged, become the perfect visual assets in our hands. Enabling us to make something unique and expensive looking for a fraction of the price because we are wholesale wood box manufacturers with 35 years experience. A cheap box alternative to our Premium and Luxury range wooden box the rustic and worn boxes we produce replicate the Premium style wood boxes, looking like vintage antique packaging, but at a more cost effective price.