Wooden leaflet display Paul UK

A bespoke wooden leaflet display for the French bakery chain Paul, who now has over 33 outlets in the UK, mainly dotted across London serving lovely bread, pastries, sandwiches and salads. A ethic of time honored tradition from a family run business, a heritage we at Moran’s share.

Their shop fronts are famously black wood, so our black ash finish is ideal for them.  A rich grained timber, it takes the black lacquer wonderfully, allowing it to be both a smooth black finish, while retaining the beauty of the timber.  This wooden leaflet display that we made for them utilizes the timber for the strength and its density, while dividers are made from clear acrylic to show off the leaflets to their maximum. The subtle white branding on the bottom section completes this lovely wooden and acrylic leaflet holder. With 38+ years of wood manufacturing expertise and a strong ethic for quality to a budget, Moran’s were the obvious choice for Paul UK to choose for their leaflet holder.

Reference No:H-WL101