Portfolio Category: Clipboards

The clipboard has been around from as early as 1800’s and in that time has been designed in a varied array of guises. As a 35 year veteran in the manufacture of clip boards we have created a vast selection of clipboard products over the years. Clipboards from the straight forward veneered board and clip to all kinds of fanciful shapes, colours and sizes in between. In this time we have invested heavily in our production facilities, processes and manufacturing systems and as a result we can produce anything from a small run of 10 up to many, many thousands of clipboards. Given the popularity of some of our standard ranges we keep a reasonably high stock level of the more popular materials and with our onsite Laser Engraving services and our onsite screen printing and digital printing services we find that our standard A5, A4 and A3 clipboards can be turned around quite quickly even with bespoke branding on each one !