Portfolio Category: Drinks service

Becoming ever more effective as a promotional tool the branded drinks service tray still retains its popularity. A practical solution to carrying multiple glasses, be it a champagne flute, whisky glass or shot glass, choosing a branded shot paddle, whisky flight tray or wooden shot glass holder is the best delivery method of choice. A wooden drinks tray is a popular selection for serving and promoting drinks, psychologically you associate the wooden material as a natural material and by extension “natural” as being “good”. That association permeates towards the drinks being carried by the tray. This is why wooden drinks service trays apart from their long historical use, are seeing more of a resurgence in popularity as a promotional drinks tray in our man made world. Be it a branded beer skimmer or a simple rubberwood tray our promotional trays are manufactured in small or large quantities in our factory in Warrington, UK. With years of experience supplying wholesale wooden serving trays and a stringent quality control procedure we enjoy repeat business from large breweries, drinks franchises and spirit producers globally.