As beautiful as our wooden products are, we know the main reason of their creation, a lot of the time is to simply promote your company, your business, your brand. And so the logos and the artwork on the wooden product must be an integral part. Adding to the product, not an added afterthought. So in your search for the ultimate branding exercise consider that we are always looking for new and interesting ways to brand our wooden products.
We have invested heavily over the years and have a great bank of machines and techniques to create just the right finish for a job. From traditional methods such as screen printing and hot iron branding, through to the latest technology in laser engraving and UV printing. We play around with and push each method’s capabilities, always coming up with unique and creative ways to get whatever your artwork requirement onto whatever product you require. Our knowledge of materials extends way beyond wood, and we use acrylics, glass, paper and card, laminates, and more, to achieve whatever the needed look. We are always happy to advise and discuss options.

A brief guide to some of our processes:

  • Laser Engraving.
    We have 5 laser engravers, from the leading manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality of detail in the engraving. You won’t find a better quality engraving into wood. Our knowledge and experiments with the lasers and different techniques of engraving into wood mean we can be very creative and innovative in our solutions to add artwork and logos to the products.
  • Rotary Engraving.
    Our CNC machines are the perfect tool for deep carved engraving into wood. For large signs and traditional looks this technique of engraving using router cutters creates a striking and top quality engraving to the product.
  • UV Flatbed Digital Printing.
    Using the most modern printing machines we can print in exceptional quality, full colour and photographic images onto any surface, and on items upto 100mm thick. This opens up many possibilities to adding artwork to boxes, signs and many other products.
  • Screen Printing.
    A process that has been used in a commercial industry for over 100 years, and can trace its history back over 1000 years, for large volume runs this process still cannot be beaten
  • Hot Foiling.
    Hot foiling can be used to add a quality logo to the linings inside of boxes, and we also use a more primitive and traditional form to brand wood.